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I am the cofounder of EventVue.

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Money quote from danah boyd’s piece about facebook as a utility

I just wish that Facebook would’ve taken a more responsible path so that we wouldn’t have to deal with what’s coming. And I wish that they’d realize that the people they’re screwing are those who are most vulnerable already, those whose voices they’ll never hear if they don’t make an effort.

Read the entirety of danah boyd’s argument that facebook is a utility and should be regulated.

When I hang out with my nontech friends now, they want me to talk about why facebook is scary.  They don’t understand what changed, but they know something did.

My answer is now the same.  I don’t trust facebook anymore.  I used to love what they were trying to accomplish - making the web more open and encouraging people to share information more often - but now I question their motives too often.

This is important.  When you sign on people for a mission that sounds like “make the world a better place” you’re asking at some level for a selfless decision.  Obama asked for our support for hope & remaking the face of america.  It’s a big ask, one requiring a huge chunk of trust.

Facebook got similar trust from us in the beginning.  I wanted to participate in their movement.  I wanted the web & facebook to lead a revolution where individuals had more of their ideas heard.  More of the voices listened to.  And yes, that has happened.  But now i just think they want to conquer, one optimized user sign up form at a time.