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I'm Rob.
I live in Boulder, CO.

I am the cofounder of EventVue.

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Relaunch of EventVue.

We relaunched EventVue today and i’m very excited about it.  The immediacy of the realtime web has created the possibility for a whole new experience around events.  Because short messages can be shared so easily and distributed so quickly on the realtime web, we think that the time has come where people can truly connect at events in a way not seen before.

Now, when you are interested in the State of the Union address and are watching it on TV, you can actually connect with other people watching it all across the world in real time.  Or when you’re interested in a conference in your industry, but can’t attend, you can share you ideas or suggestions and watch them actually make it back into the conversation in the conference hall.

The realtime web is a revolutionary force for events and we’re relaunching EventVue in hopes of pushing it forward.  You can read more about our relaunch on our blog, and you can go check out the response to the relaunch at #eventvuerelaunch.